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Computer Lab in the Sky

Miriam Hodgkins served with the US Peace Corps in Lesotho from 2012-2013. In April, 2019 she returned to the remote village of Masaleng in the Thaba-Tseka district with one goal: to found a solar-powered computer lab at Masaleng High School.

In May 2019 Miriam hired a local solar company to install four solar panels, two batteries, controller, inverter, and six outlets in a spare classroom at Masaleng High School. She started out with four gently used and refurbished laptops, which she used to teach typing and basic computer literacy to Grades 11 and 12. She also hosted Adult Education classes on weekends and school holidays.

Toward the end of 2019, Miriam began Crowdfunding for the funds to acquire more laptops, a printer, accessories for the lab, and educational software for all the machines. The campaign was successful, and Computer Lab in the Sky now has 13 refurbished laptops, as well as a brand-new printer, and all the accessories and programs required to make it a fully-functional, off-the-grid computer lab!

Miriam returned to the US in March, 2020, but not before advising the principal of Masaleng High School to hire a new computer teacher. The computer lab is now in the capable hands of Mr. Tebello Ratsoleli, who is in fact a graduate of the same high school at which he's now teaching! Tebello has been teaching computer basics to all the high school grades, and we're proud of the bright future that lies ahead of these students. Thank you for following our journey!

To see more photos, please follow Computer Lab in the Sky on Facebook and Instagram!

Check out our fully-funded GoFundMe to view videos featuring the students and teachers of Masaleng High School.

Musician dogdog made a remix of his song Lavender Dreams, featuring sounds from our computer lab.

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You can also learn more about the project on Miriam's personal blog Gomad Nomad.
Computer Lab in the Sky
Founded 2019
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